Why I Eat Plant Based

Let me start off with a little disclaimer: I am in no way an expert on this topic, I am simply here to share my experiences, make connections and eat same damn good food that happens to be all plants.

Before switching to a plant based diet, I didn’t eat a lot of meat, I wasn’t a vegetarian but I tried to be conscious about not having meat at every meal or even every day. I didn’t think twice about devouring yogurt daily or eating my weight in cheese. I honestly didn’t put much thought into my diet other than to eat what I assumed was healthy food.

I knew I didn’t agree with or want to support industrial animal “farming” practices but it seemed like I was doing enough by purchasing freerange eggs and buying organic. WRONG. Sure I felt better about my purchase but it was such a superficial fix. On my drive to work in the mornings I was commonly sharing the highway with chickens being transported to the slaughter house. It gave me goosebumps and made me feel all icky inside. I knew in my heart that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I had heard of people being vegan but it sounded so drastic and honestly the one word that I associated with vegan was deprived. As a biologist and nature lover I felt like I at least had to do some deeper research into the impact that my diet was causing. I watched a few documentaries, “What the Health” and “Forks Over Knives” etc, asked around, scoured the World Wide Web and decided:

  1. My diet had detrimental effects on my health, the environment and the lives of others.
  2. I could make a difference! I wasn’t convinced that I would never touch a mini donut again but I knew there was more I could do to provoke a change and spread some insight. Every time I spend money I am voting, I am saying that I support that product. Every time I feed others I have the power to open their minds by surprising them that the meal I just served them was completely vegan.
  3. I would adopt a vegan diet for 3 weeks. Three solid week, three weeks of no cheating and giving it everything I had. If I didn’t see a change, found it too difficult, or just didn’t like it then at the end of three weeks I gave myself permission to quit, no guilt attached. I would hold my head high knowing that I gave it a shot but it wasnt for me. I had tried.

Well what do you know, those three weeks never stopped. I find it so easy and actually quite fun to create and revamp recipes to fit my new diet. I’m constantly impressed by what I can create without items I always thought of as kitchen staples: butter, cheese, milk, etc. I read every vegan cookbook the local library carried and searched the web for new ideas. This type of research is fun for me but I know that it isn’t for everyone and therefore I created Whipping it Up to share my recipe successes and make it easier for you to experience plant based food.

I’m not perfect, I ate a shrimp at Christmas and I have struggled deeply to decline my 91 year old grandma’s cooking, but this is ok to ME. What matters to ME is that 98% of the time I eat plants! I’m not going to make myself sick with stress by worrying about the other 2%. This is what works for me and I encourage you deeply to research the facts, explore new recipes (you’re in the right place!), and find out what works best for YOU. Don’t let anyone bully you into feeling that the changes you’re making aren’t good enough. Be kind. Be so very kind my friends.

Have more questions? Please feel free to contact me and ask away 🙂