Instant Pot Vegan Lentil Chili

Mmmmm let me fill you in on my latest obsession, CHILI! There is something so magical about digging into a big bowl of this goodness at the end of a long cold winter day, it’s like a fuzzy blanket for your belly.When I started thinking about my ideal chili, yaaa I’m THAT person…I came up with a list of chili necessities. My perfect chili must:

  • Be quick to make after work! I’m a 3 hour commuter, so coming home and standing over a pot for an hour + is not going to make me happy about chili
  • Contain mushrooms and corn. Personal preference but these two ingredients really make a chili for me
  • Be bulky. 🖐stop right there you soupy chili! I’m looking for something that is going to be so thick and hearty I won’t physically be able to go for a second helping…for at least an hour…
  • Contain ingredients I readily have in my fridge and pantry, because when you need chili, you NEED chili and the grocery store is not where you want to be.

With this list in mind I got to work doing what I do best, cooking and eating scientific taste testing.

I decided the Instant Pot was going to help me make this dish fast and allow more hands off cooking so I can get straight to relaxing; think- set it and forget it. Now that’s my kind of weeknight cooking.

To bulk up the chili I turned to lentils. I knew they were the perfect little balls of love to add lots of protein and healthy bulk to the chili. I couldn’t decide what type of lentils would work best. When in doubt, add it all. 👈My new slogan. Red lentils break down to form creamy base, while green or brown lentils hold their shape and are a fantastic meat substitute. While on that topic, NO ONE is going to miss the meat in this chili! They’re too busy swooning over all the deliciousness and you’re  too happy saving money too notice the lack of animal products.

Please go, go make this chili, go cuddle up with your chili, go get your belly the fuzzy blanket it deserves ❤

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