“Nayshan is a beautiful mix of Harry Houdini and Martha Steward”

-Said NO ONE, ever!

But can’t a girl dream…

Hey there friends, my name’s Nayshan*waves nervously and far too fast*

Nayshan from Whipping it Up

I know exactly what your thinking so here’s the answers. My parents created my name by putting together my moms name with two of her friend’s names: Joanne, Shannon and Nancy. AND if you must know it’s pronounced- Nay (like a horse says)-Shan (like Shannon) but honestly I couldn’t care less how you say it or what you call me: Nay, Naysh, Shan, Nay Nay, Houdini…your choice.

As for Whipping it Up, this blog will follow me on my plant based food journey. Whipping it Up is designed to make it easier for you to eat more plants. You’re in the right spot if you are anything like me: conscious about your health and the environment. I’m here to show you that eating a plant based diet doesn’t have to be scary, depriving, expensive, and bland. Quite the contrary. I’m also here to share my experiences- successes and failures, because we are all human, mistakes happen so let’s share and learn from them together. By sharing new experiences and recipes we can all become more familiar and changes can then feel less daunting.

I hope this blog can be a helpful resource for you, wether your a veteran vegan, a lactose UNdigester, or just someone who wants to try a veggie dish (go you! Aren’t you just the coolest) . Don’t worry I’m not here to preach, I’m just here to explore and learn with you- I’ll be absolutely tickled pink if the most I can accomplish is one person trying out “Meatless Monday”. Small efforts can combine into great things my friends. Enough about my plant eating love, if you want to hear more check out my page on why I eat plant based.

I am from beautiful British Columbia Canada, and live in a smallish town about an hour east of Vancouver. I am a full time biologist and part time procrastinator. When I’m not working, cooking, or eating (who am I kidding, I’m always eating 🙂 ) you can find me playing softball, catching up on embarrassingly mindless tv, or outside with my friends and family. My daily entertainment consists of my highschool sweetheart Dan, our dog Miss Daisy Mae and occasionally the ever so grumpy cat named Zeus.Nayshan from Whipping it up

Welcome to the blog, I wish I could reach out an give you a big ol’ bear hug to show you how much I appreciate you stopping by.

Now let’s go EAT!